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freijo_art's Journal

8 August 1988
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  • freijo_art@livejournal.com
Hello everyone. You may remember me from the account "riotglassdoll" where I posted all sort of things, mainly art related. After a long absense and years growing up; I felt I missed the fan community where I could share my shipper art, but I felt that I wanted to start fresh, and new. So here is my new journal. I will post whenever I have something too share, and check in around the communities. The art I post here is for everyones enjoyment.

I now reside in England, Carlisle - and there I attend an art college, where I study 3D animation.

You are welcome to befriend me or link to this journal, and if you have a question you can always reach me. Critique and comments are always welcome!

[x] Do not alter, steal or claim my art as your own!
[x] Do not hotlink to my art, please upload to your own server.
[x] Always credit me if you use my art. A link back to this journal is also appriciated :)
[x] Always follow the guidelines for every post.

In my art, I usually use characters or pairings from movies and/or books. The pairings I love to feature in my graphics are Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from the "Harry Potter" series, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan from "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy etc. But other pairings might come up.